Big Big Week at the Library… !

Last week for the Summer Reading Program.. It has truly gone fast…


Tuesday 10th-  Storytime 10am-  Making instruments, listening to music, reading books, playing instruments while singing.. Come join a                                 band for storytime!!

Agroecosystems event @ 7pm at the Library with Trish Jackson PHD


Wednesday 11th-  Don’t want to miss the Last blast day at the SGS..(Sterling Grade School)  @ 2pm.  Will have GAMES!..  LIfesize Jenga,                                        bowling, corn-hole, & tic-tac-toe to name a few!


Thursday 12th – Picnic in the park @ noon.  & Movie at 2pm in the Library. Popcorn provided.  Drink with lid allowed.. Come and enjoy the                               cool air!!



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