NOTE: Names of loved ones will have a plate engraved and placed on the memorial plaque at the Sterling Free Public Library, including memorials before this website was created in 2013. Memorials given by family and friends will have their names added to the memorial website

Charles R. Wolfe

Mary Flickinger Trust

Michel “Mike” A. Fabin

Mary Flickinger Trust

Sylvia Savage 2016

Mrs. George Wilson

Barbara Boyd

Maxine Hayes 2015

Doris Gill

Ronald and Deena Groth

Jack and Marlyn Wray

John and Beverly Bennett


Betty Graebner Gave in Memory of:  2005-2015-2016

Don Graebner, husband;

Dale & Carolyn Graebner, children,

Willard & Mabel Humphreys, parents,


Drew Ekart 2013

Grandma & Grandpa Ekart


Bill Ball 2013

William Hardate


Earl McNutt 2013

Loren & Rose Nell Anderson


Edgar “Eddie” Fulton 2013

Karen Burgess

Melanie Twineham

Jack and Marilyn Wray

Bunny Wilson

Gale & Wanda Earle

Allen & Connie Garrett

Mona Ball & Family

Harold Tilton

C.O. & Billie Sherwood

Cheryl Engelland

Janiece Rowland

Dean & Kathie Weigel

Bob & Kathy Booth

Jerry Fiehlor

Dave & Mary Kendrick

Jerry & Phyllis Tieperman

Dale & Judy Rose

Ron & Deena Groth

Chuck & Betty Bateman

Tom & Faye Steffen

Mary Ellen Tippin

Steve & Bonnie Cornelius

David & Kristi Wilson

John & Diane Humphreys

Rod & Anne Willis

Rick & Teresa Scoles

John & Carolyn Sayer

Lowen & Sherry Lacey

Sally Johnston

Craig & Nancy Hager

W.M. and Jill Stromberg


Bill Stuart 2014

Vivian Ruth Barker


Patricia M Landermilk 2013

Sterling American Auxilary


George Higginbotham 2014

Robert and Kathy Booth


Joe Clayton  2014

Anna Mae Kimple

John and Nettie Kimple

Karan Burgess

Norma C. Mattingly

Leroy and Sharla Thill

Lowen and Sherry Lackey

Florene Berblinger

John and Beverly Bennett

DeSales Feist

Terry Lee and Linda Atterberry

Barry and Catherine McManaman

Joseph and Keri Vinduska

Andrew and Joanie Wise

Betty Jayne Smoot

Norma Johnston

Lee and Carolyn Schneider

Myrna Ray

Melvin and Mary Waite

Roy and Rosemary Roble

Paul Schlochtermeier

Denis and Lois Hammer

Henry Renollet

Thomas and Faye Steffen

Jeffrey and Ava Lipp

Thomas and Janel Dvorak

Ed Schlochtermeier

Thomas and Elizabeth Madden

Jason and Heather Schochtermeier

W.M. and Jill Stromberg

Mrs. George R. Wilson

Warren and Shirley Kenyon

Emil Dvorak

Ronald and Catherine Sandstorm

Thomas and Patricia Key

Kevin and Julie Kramp


Bill Cox 2014

Mr and Mrs Charlie Hayes

Rex and Donna Bradford

John and Nettie Bray

Lowen and Sherry Lackey

Rick and Teresa Scoles

Betty Jane Smoot

Patricia Wagler

Dwight and Nora Sauer

Vivian Ruth Barker

Duane and Betty Childs

Norma Johnston

Thomas and Faye Steffen

Helen Henry

John and Beverly Bennett

Mr. and Mrs. Bruce A. Ramage

Mrs. George Wilson

John and Phyllis Wilkey

Janice Oden

Dennis and Brenda Haulman

Billy and Betty Taylor

Doris Gill

Carolyn Chambers

Rod and Sue Hancock

Doris McAllaster

James and Patricia Booker

Patrica McMurphy

Phyllis Don Carlos


Robert Campbell 2014

Lowen and Sherry Lackey


Bob Flickinger 2015

Ann Mosier

Rob and Joyce Robinson

John and Beverly Bennett

Lowen and Sherry Lackey

Gerald and Margie Schmidt

Roger and Linda Lipplemann

Beverly and Gary Lagna

Scott Flickinger

Janice Duran

Books donated by friends and family in Bob Flickinger’s memory

The Quiet Season By: Jerry Apps

Childhood on the Farm By: Pamela Riney-Kehrberg

Old Farm: A History By: Jerry Apps


LeRoy Mathes 2015

Mary Flickinger

John and Bev Bennett

John and Phyllis Wilkey

Cynthia Chiles


Mary Ann Clayton 2015

Stephen and Lora L. Billinger

Melvin and Mary Waite

Karen Kramp

Andrew and Joanie Wise

Roy and Rosemary Robl

Vernon Robl

Paul Schlochtermeier

Mrs. George Wilson

Ron and Cindy Stricklin

EllaMae Schmidt

Lora Darnell

Ken Darnell

Terry and Linda Atteberry

Edward and Diane Nemnich

New Children’s books donated by family and friends in Mary Ann Clayton’s memory 2015

Vacation: We’re going to the ocean By: David L. Harrison

Daniel Boone and How Early Americans Took to the Road  By: Cheryl Harness

The Groundbreaking, Chance-Taking life of George Washington Carver and Science and Invention By: Cheryl Harness

The Adventurous Life of Myles Standish and the Amazing-but-True Survival of Plymouth Colony By: Cheryl Harness

The Remarkable Rough-Riding Life of Theodore Roosevelt and the Rise of Empire America By: Cheryl Harness

Earthquake Earth’s Mightiest Moments By: David L. Harrison

Flags over America By: Cheryl Harness

The Remarkable Benjamin Franklin By: Cheryl Harness

Our Colonial Year By: Cheryl Harness

Cowboys By: David L. Harrison

Pirates By: David L. Harrison

A Very McStuffins Christmas Adapted By: Shelia Sweeny Higginson

Angelina Ballerina: A Chipping Cheddar Christmas By: Katharine Holabird

The Poky Little Puppy By: Kristen Depken

Olivia and Her Alien Brother  Adapted By: Maggie Testa

It’s the Easter Beagle, Charlie Brown By: Charles M. Schulz

Max and the Fall Parade By Grosset and Dunlap